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Project Brief

Kigali Phone Center, a rapidly growing e-commerce platform specializing in electronics, partnered with Codity Devs to create an intuitive and visually appealing website that would effectively showcase their extensive product offerings and streamline the online shopping experience for customers. Our goal was to develop a user-friendly platform that would make browsing and purchasing electronics seamless and enjoyable.


Kigali Phone Center






Result: Revolutionizing the Electronics Shopping Experience

Codity Devs delivered a visually engaging and highly functional e-commerce website for Kigali Phone Center, showcasing their wide range of electronics products, from smartphones and laptops to accessories and home appliances. The site features an intuitive navigation system and advanced search filters, allowing users to effortlessly browse through the product catalog and find exactly what they're looking for. We also integrated a secure and user-friendly checkout process, enabling customers to complete their purchases with ease and confidence. As a result of the new website, Kigali Phone Center experienced a significant increase in online engagement, customer satisfaction, and sales, solidifying their position as a leading electronics e-commerce platform in the region.

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