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UI & UX Design


Project Brief

The goal of this project is to create a user-friendly and efficient food application, called Citi App, that streamlines the process of ordering meals for teams and organizations. The app aims to make it easier for offices and teams to order food collectively, manage team subscriptions, and enjoy a seamless group ordering experience.




UI/UX & App Development


2023- 2024


The Problem

While there are many food delivery apps available, most are designed for individual consumers and lack features that cater specifically to the needs of teams and organizations. Coordinating group orders, managing dietary preferences, and handling payment for multiple users can be a complex and time-consuming process with existing solutions.

The Approach

Our approach involves conducting extensive research to understand the unique challenges and requirements faced by teams and organizations when ordering food. We will gather insights through surveys, interviews, and user testing sessions with office administrators, team managers, and employees from various industries. Based on the research findings, we will create user personas and user journey maps tailored to the needs of teams and organizations. We will explore various design concepts and iteratively refine the user interface and experience through prototyping and testing cycles with representative users.

The solution

The proposed solution is the Citi App, a user-friendly and efficient platform that streamlines the group ordering process for teams and organizations. It will allow users to create and manage teams or organizational units, with the ability to easily browse menus, place group orders, and plan meals for their teams or organizations. The app will facilitate coordination and collaboration during the ordering process, incorporating robust filtering options to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. It will offer team subscription plans and centralized payment options, simplifying the billing and payment process for organizations. Users will have access to order history and analytics, and the app may integrate with existing corporate policies, approval workflows, and expense management systems to ensure compliance and streamline processes.


By implementing the Citi App, we aim to achieve increased efficiency and productivity for teams and organizations by simplifying the group ordering process and reducing the time and effort required for meal coordination. It will lead to improved team satisfaction and engagement by catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences, fostering a more inclusive and accommodating work environment. The app will enable cost savings for organizations through centralized team subscriptions, optimized ordering, and better expense management. Additionally, it will provide a competitive advantage in the market by addressing the unmet needs of teams and organizations that existing food delivery solutions fail to cater to effectively.

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